Friday, December 12, 2008

Key West: A Comprehensive Guide to Florida's Southernmost City by Sarah Goodwin-Nguyen

Book CoverOrganized in a neatly compartmental way, this comprehensive guide to Key West, one of the Tourist Town series of guides, is an informative and useful guide to finding the area's attractions, accommodations and dining spots. In addition to being a one-stop guide for anyone traveling to Key West, the book also contains a section devoted to area orientation and an extensive chapter on the history of this popular destination.

I really liked the last segment of the book which is comprised of a few sample itineraries to get you started on enjoying what Key West has to offer to its many visitors. Although the book is small, it's filled with information packaged in bite size snippets that encapsulate all you will need to know when visiting these spots, including addresses, phone numbers, and pricing references. The only thing the book was lacking was a selection of color photographs detailing the islands attractions. Instead there are a few black and white photos of the most notorious locations and aspects of Key West, but the book had such a conversational and flavorful tone that it was easy to overlook this small flaw to appreciate the greater aspects of the guide. In a charming aside to the book, the opening pages contain a few tips on how to be as ecologically friendly as possible while vacationing. I found the tips to be very simple ways to be socially responsible while not being too complicated or onerous. Living in Central Florida, the Keys make a great weekend getaway destination for me and my family. Having this book for future vacations will be a great way to maximize our enjoyment in all that the area has to offer.

The publishers of this book have several other guides in the same vein, for areas such as Myrtle Beach, Atlantic City, and Jackson Hole. If you are travelling to a popular tourist destination in the near future, make sure to check out the Tourist Town series. They make a great traveling companion.


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